Xentara Information and Data Sheet


Xentara is a distributed, networked, object-oriented, semantic real-time capable industrial edge and Industrial-IoT platform enabling Smart Factories and Devices as well as skills like Edge AI based on the paradigms of Industry 4.0.

Configuration is handled dynamically during runtime or through dedicated tools. The feature set is expandable through Skill plug-ins and embedded ocean certified third party applications.

Key Features

The following tables show which features are available in the current release version (v1.0) or under development for rollout with upcoming releases. Feature availability in upcoming releases may be subject to change at the sole discretion of embedded ocean GmbH.


released (v1.0)


Horizontal integration and data transfer (M2M, shop floor)

Connect machine interfaces, sensors, and PLC in real-time

Vertical integration and data transfer (higher tier systems, cloud)

Connect to IT systems (MES, ERP, Cloud services…)

Seamlessly connect legacy equipment to state of the art devices


released (v1.0)


Data structure and device templates

Digital Twin representing physical systems

Dynamically expandable data structure

Freely definable data attributes

Hardware agnostic abstraction layer

Human readable data structure

Local data model

Manual data monitoring and manipulation

Multi Language Support (full Unicode)

Object templates for easy configuration

User defined / domain specific names and descriptors for all data structures and elements

Data redundancy in distributed systems

Prioritized and synchronized TSN data transfer between edges

Encryption for Xentara-to-Xentara connections

Unified data structure across local and remote systems


released (v1.0)


Cyclic triggers

Event triggers

Pipelined processing of scheduled tasks

Pipeline monitoring using checkpoints

Complex multi pipeline schedules

Timeout watchdog

Distributed process timing control


released (v1.0)


Failure injection

Toggleable simulation state for process values

XiL (HiL, MiL, SiL) test system support via standardized simulation containers (FMU / FMI)


released (v1.0)


Direct I/O to data point mapping

Open device integration

Unified device configuration

Unlimited connectivity

Calibration function for inputs


released (v1.0)


Data logging (local)

Data logging (remote)

Legacy log file import


released (v1.0)


Real-time data processing and communication

(recommended maximum local cycle speed: 100 kHz) 

Local data point access time ~10 nanoseconds

Precision Time Protocol (PTP) support

Synchronization of system clocks between networked systems


released (v1.0)


Scalability from embedded boards up to server infrastructures

Error Management

User rights management (individual / role / group level)

Hardened secure core with strong encryption

Low-code / no-code platform

Available Skills

The main functionality of the Xentara core platform can be expanded through additional Skills related to Xentara’s primary uses: connect, compute and control.

  • Connect Skills allow the Xentara core to communicate with various I/O devices, field buses and services.
  • Compute Skills provide in-platform data processing.
  • Control Skills let the platform interface directly with machine controls and provide real-time instructions to underlying systems.
  released (v1.0) planned
Advantech RAW-I/O (TTL)
EtherCAT (IEC 61158)
Modbus RTU (IEC 61158 CPF15)
Modbus TCP (IEC 61158 CPD15/1)
OPC UA (IEC 62541) Client
Profibus (IEC 61158/IEC 61784) traffic monitoring
Wago I/O System 750
Beckhoff ADS (TwinCAT 2 / TwinCAT 3)
emBRICK I/O modules
Ethernet/IP (Standard 2000 +) via gateway
OPC UA (IEC 62541) Server
Profibus DP (IEC 61158/IEC 61784)
Profinet (IEC 61158-1 Version 2.3 +)
System Health
CAN 2.0 / CAN FD / CANopen (CiA 301)
Ethernet/IP (Standard 2000+) native
SomeIP Stack
  released (v1.0) planned
Elasticsearch 7.14
Functional Mock-up Interface 2.0 +
Microsoft Azure
MQTT – Standard Mosquito, Azure IoT Hub
REST interface for cloud service data provision
Amazon AWS
MQTT – Sparkplug
SQL database access (SQL1 upwards to SQL/MDA:2019)
SOA interface for cloud services
5G connectivity


released (v1.0)


Data quality indicator

Data input validation

Data timestamping

Programmable data filter

Sensor input preprocessing


released (v1.0)


Local Machine Learning for edge devices

Real-time analysis and results feedback across the shop floor

Preemptive process control for production and QA



Schneider PLC (IEC61131-3) via Modbus

Beckhoff TwinCAT via ADS

Rockwell Automation PLC (IEC61131-3) via Ethernet/IP

Siemens Simatic S5 RK512

Siemens Simatic S7 (first generation, Profibus, MPI, PPI)

Siemens Simatic S7 (S7-1200 and later, Profinet)



released (v1.0)


JSON configuration

Automatic hardware discovery (“plug and play”)

Graphical configuration tool

Graphical user interface (data browsing and editing)

 released (v1.0)planned
Powerful C++ Microservice API
4DIAC IEC61499 PLC development environment
Codesys Soft PLC 3.0 +
Python wrapper

System Requirements

  • Processor
    • x86-64
    • ARM processor capable of running Linux / Windows
      • MMU controller required
      • 64bit (Windows/Linux): ARMv8-A instruction set required
      • 32bit (Linux only): ARMv7-A with VFPv3-D16 floating point support required
  • Storage
    • 200MB free disk space
  • Operating system
    • Windows 10 64 bit
    • Linux
      • Reference distributions: Debian 11, Ubuntu LTS or similar
      • Please inquire for support of other Linux distributions
  •  Deployment
      • Windows: MSI installer
      • Linux: apt install from online repository
  • Xentara can be deployed in virtualized environments (Docker containers et al.) with limitations (e.g. no hard real-time behavior or hard system timing control)
  • Hard real-time data processing and communication requires real-time capable operating system (Preempt-Patch for Linux)
  • Distributed process timing control requires TSN capable Ethernet adapter and routers / switches


  • Some skills include sublicensed third-party IP not directly provided by embedded ocean GmbH
  • Please inquire for detailed list of tested and validated hardware
  • Please inquire for detailed list of tested and certified software / protocol versions
  • Performance data based on measurements performed on reference test platform (Intel® Xeon® CPU W3503 @ 2.40GHz)