Process Intelligence for any Machine:

Embedded Ocean and Clarify Present new Ways to Acquire, Share and Visualize Industrial Data

Munich / Trondheim, August 2022: German software developer Embedded Ocean and Norwegian company Clarify (Searis AS) have entered a partnership combining their expertise in the topics of IoT, Industry 4.0, data analytics, visualization and Machine Learning. Embedded Ocean provides its IoT and integration platform Xentara giving real-time access to machines and sensors, while Clarify adds tools for securely storing, displaying, and interacting with data. The solution makes information from PLCs, SCADA & IoT Gateways as well as any legacy field buses or protocols available and allows users to make sense of large amounts of time series data by applying Machine Learning and AI across entire workgroups.

The cooperation combines Embedded Ocean’s extensive know-how on topics like Industry 4.0 and IoT with longstanding experience in processing and displaying data in easy and understandable ways, a discipline Clarify excels in. This combination makes acquisition and visualization of all kinds of process data easier than ever, enabling manufacturers to quickly add Industry 4.0-grade monitoring and analytics to their equipment. Machine status, history, trends, and prognoses but also detected anomalies can be widely shared across the entire workgroup or even company. Clarify’s smartphone apps provide instant accessibility of data, even while at remote locations, on the shopfloor or on customer premises. Xentara’s open I/O interface and expandable Skill system ensures that legacy machine controls as well as domain or customer specific sensors can be connected as easily as any modern IoT protocol.

Tor-Inge Eriksen, CTO at Clarify, explains the value of the new partnership: “Our goal has always been to make data visible and understandable for everyone in fast and easy ways. However, there were lots of legacy data sources that we would typically have spent a month’s worth of work to connect to a legacy protocol. Xentara finally simplifies Machine-to-Everything (M2X) communication and makes it a breeze.”

“Clarify is an ideal partner for us when it comes to making data available where it matters, allowing us to implement a lot of new and fascinating use cases where data is turned into insight,” adds Philipp Kirschenhofer, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Embedded Ocean. “Both companies bring a lot of complementary know-how and experience to the table, supplementing and enhancing each other’s offerings in the industrial domain.”

Turning Data into Insight when and where it is Needed

“One of the biggest problems in industrial digitalization is that the more data becomes available, the harder it becomes to make sense of it. Rising levels of complexity require not only more storage space and computing power, but primarily good data handling strategies. Otherwise, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer flow of information. Everybody is talking about data as a valuable resource, but raw data alone does not generate any value add,” explains Bastian Kleimann (Director Sales and Customer Success at Embedded Ocean). “To realize the value within that data, you need the right tools and a well thought out approach.”

Xentara can replace, connect to or augment traditional industrial control systems (PLC), field buses and other industrial communication protocols. Through Clarify’s native Xentara Skill, data streams can be ingested by an instance of Clarify.  . Employees can explore the entire history of a data set at a glance and interact with the information. From a web interface or Clarify’s native apps, they can organize data sets as needed and share them with colleagues, adding comments or notifications. “At Clarify, we define our mission statement as ‘add value to the data you already have’”, adds Bernt-Johan Bergshaven (Clarify Co-Founder and COO). “That means turning the raw information streams into something people can intuitively understand and work with. Having Xentara filter and preprocess the incoming data makes our job that much easier.”

Clarify offers further options for data dissemination, secure storage, and interaction. Its team functionality turns interactive data timelines into a common ground for implementing improvements to the process analyzed by entire teams while still ensuring privacy and security. With Xentara, analysis results derived from Clarify can be directly turned into real-time parameter changes to the equipment connected and analyzed in the first place

Xentara – the fast track to Smart Industry

Embedded Ocean’s unique software suite combines all aspects of Smart Industry and Industrial IoT. It is capable of running on any modern Industrial PC and – at the same time – providing an even higher degree of deterministic real-time computation than any legacy control-system. Xentara finally brings control logics to the next level allowing for a much higher degree of freedom in selecting the modeling tool or even high-level programming language of your choice. Xentara adds both Machine-to-Everything (M2X) communication layers utilizing standard IP-based networking but also industrial fieldbus support. A multitude of modern Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) particularly relying on modern Apple and Android based applications as well as Augmented and Virtual Reality support enables an unparalleled user interaction and user experience providing original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with state-of-the-art technology making machine interaction a seamless experience. Truly paradigm shifting is Xentara’s ability to run local Artificial Intelligence right at the core of every machine without the need to connect to any cloud, keeping valuable process data inside the machine and enabling immediate results to already optimize for the next workpiece. A Skill marketplace assures future expandability.

Tor-Inge Eriksen, CTO at Clarify, and Philipp Kirschenhofer, Managing Director et Embedded Ocean, shaking hands
Philipp Kirschenhofer, Managing Director et Embedded Ocean, and Tor-Inge Eriksen, CTO at Clarify, shaking hands to seal the new partnership